Krishnaa marine exports
Small prawns and lobster fish exports in India

Small Lobsters

Small lobsters are known as Langostino, Krishnaa Marine are large exporter in india for Ajman UAE, Vietnam, Sri lanka, Qatar, Bangladesh. Sourced from pristine waters, these petite treasures undergo a careful drying process, preserving their natural flavors and delicate texture. In this you get a High Protein, Vitamin & Selenium. 

Versatile and packed with taste, our small dried prawns serve as a culinary delight, enriching recipes with a distinctive umami punch. Elevate your dishes with these flavorful gems, whether it’s in hearty stews, aromatic soups, or as a savory addition to diverse global cuisines.

Experience the convenience and quality that define our small dried lobsters, offering an exquisite touch to every meal.

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