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Providing Best Quality: Since 1998

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In the symphony of sea and tradition, Krishna Marine Exports has been orchestrating a melody of exquisite taste since our inception in 1998. Our journey is etched in the waves, where passion meets precision to craft a legacy of unparalleled quality.

For over two decades, we have navigated the oceans, bringing you the finest dry fishes, each bite a crescendo of flavors. Imbued with the essence of the sea, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. From the depths to your table, every year is a verse, and every product is a note in our melody of marine magnificence.

Our Mission

Our objective is to be a global leader in marine exports, supporting sustainable practices and creating long-lasting connections with our valued partners. We are committed to offering unparalleled quality and flavor.

Our Vision

Our dream is for Krishna Marine Exports to become a worldwide renowned brand in the marine export sector, recognized for its dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Our Quality System is Particularly Focused on:

dry fish export from India

Meet Our Director

Embark on the culinary odyssey curated by our visionary maestro, Mr. Chandan Baraiya. For a quarter-century, he has sculpted the essence of Krishna Marine Exports – a symphony of passion, tradition, and global taste. “From our nets to your table, every bite is a testament to our dedication,” he declares.

An architect of oceanic excellence, Mr. Chandan infuses every product with a narrative, where tradition dances with modernity, and the sea’s flavors pirouette on your palate. Join us in savoring the legacy he has crafted, where each bite tells a tale of maritime marvels

Krishnaa marine exports - Dried Fish Exporter

Our Global Reach

Dry fish Export to United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Our goods, which showcase the sea’s abundance to the Middle East, are of unmatched taste and quality, gracing tables there.

Dry fish Export

Our goods are a culinary joy in Vietnam, enhancing the local gourmet experience from the lively marketplaces to the busy kitchens.

Dry fish Export to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The best dry fish to satisfy the varied tastes of this stunning island nation is supplied by Krishna Marine Exports, a reputable brand in Sri Lanka.

Dry fish Export to Bangladesh


Our quality dry fishes provide a sense of the sea to the country’s heart, enhancing the flavor and richness of regional cuisine.

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